In addition to the launch of the Gloria project and perfume, Kristine’s studio practice is now open for Special Projects and consultation service; to have your own pieces made specially ~ pretty much anything from our beloved archive, past and present. Feel free to email with your enquiry, or to book a consultation with us.

It’s a simple process that we love. With a focus on service and quality, you will be hosted at the Gloria showroom; the first consultation is a one-on-one session where all ideas, styles, fabrication, accessories and styling advice is prepared and defined. We can go though the sample collections and a current range of fabrics and then work on a clear idea of the project and what your unique needs are.


An initial consultation fee of $150 is required, which can be credited toward the final cost when the project is confirmed. We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to commence your project.


Pricing for a custom piece is unique to each project due to the nature of the bespoke processes and sometimes luxury materials involved.


We like to allow at least eight weeks for most bespoke projects, however some projects are achievable in a shorter turn around, so please talk to us!


Carrying the spirit of Kristine's work within this new reincarnation, Gloria aspires to create timeless pieces that transcend boundaries of age, body type and gender. Gloria truly is a state of mind.


We look forward to co-creating your vision at Gloria! #highascandywine