Miss Crabb loves Georgia Pratt
Jul 22, 2013

We caught up with the ever talented designer Georgia Pratt to talk about her new life in NYC, modeling career and keeping warm through an icy cold NY winter ...

How are you enjoying New York, can you tell us a little bit about your new line of work?

New York has treated me well so far! Transitioning from designing to modeling has been a bit of a shift but surprisingly I haven’t found it difficult settling in. It definitely has got me thinking about everything around me and everything I’d like to see happen in the industry - both in the fashion and modeling worlds and where these two intersect. I think it’s a really interesting time to be a part of the industry in New York and watching some of these changes happen, especially in the plus size area. I have made a handful of great friends already in my short time here which I guess is one of the amazing positives about modeling, you are constantly being exposed to new people all the time.

How is the world of modeling in NY different from NZ?

If we are speaking from a plus size point of view, there is next to no market for it in NZ but maybe that will change! Here in NY there is an ever expanding list of clients based in NY and around the US and many other clients from all over the world book from NY. There is a much bigger volume and variety of work - with opportunity to work elsewhere.


How has living in New York influenced your design aesthetic?

New York has given me both wider eyes and a stronger head. I am totally loving taking in all the craziness around me and all the bizarre things that you tend to see in this city, which has definitely lightened my mood and reminded me to embrace colour again. Immersing myself into a new environment has only strengthened my personal aesthetic and clothing ideals.


Is there anything in the pipeline for a second collection?

Not as of yet, though I really liked doing a small collection. At the moment I am designing and playing around... But I would really like to do a dress for next summer!


Having just come out of an icy cold winter, tell us about your favourite pieces to keep you warm.

Merino knits along with wooly socks and my R.M Williams boots which kept me warm and kept out the ice and rain and of course the grey 'Drifters' Coat from my AW13 collection, which I wore everywhere!


And finally ... any celebrity highlights so far?

I did have a bit of a buzzy moment when Beyonce and some of her pals came to a party we were at. I think then I realized I was actually in a city where scenarios like this could absolutely happen. That woman is really something else and she truly does glow!


Photographs by Lily Cummings, July 2013.