It ain't all about the pressies!
Dec 19, 2013

Today our Christmas series continues with a peek into the world of amazing and inspiring Curio Noir designer Tiffany Jeans!

"The festivities start in our family with the buying of a real Christmas tree. The scent of pine wafting through the house during December is the wonderful reminder that Christmas is coming! 

This Christmas Day we will be lighting Curio Noir's Black Spice candle. Scented with the spicy festive perfume that carries notes of Clove, Cinnamon, Aniseed, Nutmeg and Fresh Tea Leaves - the perfect match for lunch with the family and lazy afternoons....and not to mention, after being woken up super early by the little ones, these notes uplift and energise for the rest of the day.

Holiday essentials include Miss Crabb's Summertime dress, Miss Crabb jeans, Miss Crabb's Light of Day dress, Penny Sage Dakota top, Penny Sage shorts to match and I must have some of Zelda Murray's necklaces. They are so delicate, so playful and so beautiful. The perfect way to add a hint of colour to your life...and such a wonderful Christmas gift for any lady!"