It ain't all about the pressies!
Dec 17, 2013
Next up in our Christmas series we hear from Claire Morrison!
This classic beauty and design room extraordinaire tells us what she is feeling joyful about this Christmas...

I have pretty much done the same thing for Christmas every year since I can remember - lunch with Mums family then pop down to the farm to see Dads family. I can't imagine it any other way! I love that sense of tradition.
Aside from the day itself, the whole holiday season is just the best excuse to spend time with your loves in the sunshine relaxing and floating around wearing something beautiful. I'm so excited to sport one of the new Miss Crabb shirt dresses and a couple of the fine beaded Zelda Murray necklaces (OMG aren't they just the best?! and they keep getting better!)
One of the best things to give and receive is some good ole home baking. I love taking a fave old recipe and making it festive by tweaking the ingredients and wrapping it beautifully.