Who is Dead Martin? + Miss Crabb
Feb 13, 2018


Longtime friends and artists; Maiangi Waitai of ‘Who is Dead Martin?’ and Kristine Crabb of Miss Crabb are collaborating again – this time, on new fashion works.


The pair have collaborated on garments several times over the past 13 years, but not since circa 2013. Those days however, are long gone and more children have been added to both families.


Maiangi Waitai of ‘Who is Dead Martin?’ famous throughout the 90’s for her intensively hand-sewn appliqué motifs and childlike narratives of skulls, flora and fauna, provocative slogans and of course, beautiful big penises and dog bags.


Married with the billowy, full volume drama of Miss Crabb pieces, the appliqués become the sculpting and anchoring devices for the body as well as beautiful detail on the garments. Past collaboration themes have been country music, death metal / heavy metal, French resistance, romantic declarations, peace and dreams.


This time around, Miss Crabb has come up with an Avant Garde yet classically simple t-shirt design, historically the most democratic garment in fashion for delivering messages, for both men and women. Dead Martin has produced beautiful embroidered patches of original paintings - a new medium for Waitai where works can be replicated remotely, which suits her dream-like and hands- full fingers-in-pies schedule with her two-year-old baby girl. “As I’ve always done everything myself by hand it has been exciting to work in this quite detached way, focusing more on the image and slogan” She says.



The iconic embroideries entitled; ‘Quiche’ and ‘Toujours’ are first of many to come. “The ideas for the embroideries came from digging through my collection of old collages and drawings from over the years - I love reworking elements of them in digital form rather than on actual paper, this time to create logo-type embroideries that suggest an obscure club or even cult”.


With themes surrounding life and love, they are very special and very limited. These will be coveted, collectable pieces for loyal fanatics and new followers of both Dead Martin and Miss Crabb.

In store and online at misscrabb.com/