Miss Crabb & Well Made Clothes present 'Kairos'
Sep 12, 2017

There are a lot of problems in the fashion industry, but most of them can be boiled down to the fact that too much poor-quality, trend-driven product is being produced, bought, and thrown away. When it comes to the break-neck speed of fashion, Well Made Clothes and Miss Crabb share the same philosophy: to design, sell, and wear high quality pieces which are inspired by things outside of the trend cycle (but are still trendy, obviously) and thus last for years, generations, even.

Body Type


Which is why we’ve collaborated with Well Made Clothes on three dresses for our ‘Kairos’ collection. Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right moment. The ancient Greeks has two words for time, chronos, which meant specific sequential time – the stuff of calendars, alarms, deadlines – and kairos, which meant moments and events in time, and the philosophical nature of time – like when you become so deep in thought an entire afternoon passes without you noticing. Chronos is the stuff of work and routine, kairos is the stuff of revelations, moments, feelings – it’s better, basically, and we could all probably do with a little more kairos and a little less chronos in our lives these days.

(Left) Annabel wears the 5000 Years Ago dress & (Right) Sophie wears the Classica dress


The dresses in the ‘Kairos’ collection, therefore, celebrate this kind of revelatory timelessness, but they also celebrate, and are meant to be worn, during those moments in time we’ll never forget: first dates, best friend’s weddings, your own wedding, hot summer days which turn into long summer nights – you get the gist, and you’ll also get the photographs from these events where you don’t look back on some god-awful shoulderless shirtdress and ask yourself what you were thinking.

The women behind Well Made Clothes and Miss Crabb also want to celebrate the creative spirit that is built into kairos time with everything we do, and what better way to do that than by photographing these dresses on creative women we admire: Sydney-based band, Body Type. Body Type are a four-piece indie rock band who write the kind of shimmering, backlit pop songs which are the perfect soundtrack for whiling away time for no reason, or for very important reasons – they feel immediately sentimental that way. Body Type have supported internationally renowned artists Japandroids, Pond, and The Courtneys, receive regular airplay on Triple J, and will release their debut EP later this year.

(Left) Cecil wears the 5000 Years Ago dress & (Right) Georgia wears the Kairos Dance dress


Available exclusively at Miss Crabb and on Well Made Clothes.