Miss Crabb Muses: Anna & Rachael
Nov 10, 2017


Miss Crabb’s clothing tends to embrace the romantic, but with a subversive edge, so real life couple Anna and Rachel seemed like the perfect duo to represent the brand. Kristine, the Miss Crabb founder and designer says; “Anna is an artist and model. She did the most dreamy shoot for Leroy Magazine a couple of years ago... when I got obsessed. I first found out about Rachael from a friend when she was DJing at Las Vegas and I was pretty mind blown by her style. Then we got her to play at our Vegas show of course. She’s an amazing artist too.”

We decided to ask the couple some questions about their style, their influences and where they like to hang out in their adopted city of Melbourne.

 What in spires your aesthetic?

Rachael: Queerness, feminism, music and art! Militant and industrial - subverting the status quo. As a teen I was a depressed goth lesbian in South Auckland going to Catholic school.

Anna: queerness, feminism, fashion, music, movies, magic, spirituality, fantasy, nature, ideas of the future, ancient things, new technology, metaphysics.


When did you first become aware of Miss Crabb clothing?

Rachael: When I was a teenager going to gigs around 2005 I remember all the older cool chicks DJing or in bands wore Miss Crabb and the clothes looked so fun and freeing.


Who is the artist or piece of art that has inspired you the most growing up?

Rachael: I had a recording of the 1996 Auckland Michael Jackson concert/Michael Jackson's Ghosts back-to-back on VHS as a kid and that whole thing was like an amazing piece of modern art. I used to watch it pretty much every day for a while and cry at the end so it was very influential.


What’s your favourite rom com/soap?

Anna: But I'm A Cheerleader, it's a dark and cute lesbian rom com.


Favorite new Melbourne bar? Also food place?

Rachael: I'm really a club chick though so I love Hugs & Kisses! Food-wise I love the cumin fried pork ribs from Sichuan House in the city - def hit them up if you can handle it cos it's a literal taste explosion.


Do you think clubs have the ability to bring people from different walks of life together in a positive, democratic way? Have you found that in your own experiences?

Rachael: Yea they do, and in my experience most clubs in Auckland are lacking in that. That's why I picked up DJing and started my own queer club night - Fully Explicit - with my friends Nikolai (Brown Boy Magik) and Jo (Lil Hoe On The Prairie).

Anna: I don't really talk to people at clubs I mostly go to dance but dancing together makes you feel part of something.


Why Melbourne?

Rachael: My best friend Jo moved here in May and I came to visit to see her art show Destiny's Fist at Suicidal Oil Piglet and really liked the whole place. I still can't believe how huge Melbourne is but it's so easy to get everywhere - the public transport is actually reliable unlike Auckland and so fast. There's all types of niches catered to in Melbourne - I felt Auckland was becoming more bland and homogenised to try to appeal to everyone. Here you can cater to a niche af market and still make money.

Anna: It was time for a fresh start, new ideas and inspiration. I'm hoping to have some art shows here and get to know the Melbourne art and queer communities.


What is modern love?

Rachael: When I think modern love I think exhausting lol. Seriously I think with technology and the political climate that modern love is hard-won, especially for LGBTQI people. I myself am a deeply romantic person which is like the one thing I'm old-fashioned about.

Anna: I feel like modern love is a thing of the past. Love is very political atm in my life and community especially with the gay marriage plebiscite happening here. But Rachael is what love is to me.


These photos are quite wedding-ish! If you got married for real what would you want as your first dance song and why?

Rachael: I don't really believe in marriage for myself but I believe everyone should be able to! I like weddings though cos they're like a big love party so the song would be UGK Int'l Players Anthem!

Anna: idk about marriage but if I did probably Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love) and we would dance in matching Miss Crabb suits.


Photography: Rebecca Zephyr Thomas - Models: Anna Sisson & Rachael Duval - Hair & Make Up: Katie Melody Rodgers